Welcome to Tiwi College

Located at Pickataramoor on Melville Island, Tiwi College is an exciting and dynamic secondary boarding school initiated and governed by the Tiwi people to provide quality education for the young Tiwi.

The College is owned and managed by the Tiwi people through the Tiwi Education Board, which is comprised of senior men and women from all Tiwi communities. Pickataramoor is located approximately 60kms away from the closest community. Our college IS the community of Pickataramoor!


Tiwi College is a weekly boarding facility where students are accommodated in Family Group Homes. The college caters for holistic learning; helping the young Tiwi become "work ready". At Tiwi College we value the life skills learned in the Family Group Homes as highly as our academic programs.

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How to Donate

The Australian Taxation Office has endorsed Tiwi College, ABN 13 965 779 046 a Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) status, under Subdivision 30-BA of the income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Name of fund to which endorsement relates:
“Tiwi College School Building Fund”.

Gifts including Monetary donations to this building Fund are tax deductable and will greatly assist Tiwi College sustain the standards of classrooms and associated school buildings the young Tiwi deserve now and into the future.

The Tiwi Education Board Incorporated (TEB) welcome philanthropic people and organisations who wish to share our vision for the young Tiwi into the future.

The Tiwi College Building Fund Fund is established and maintained solely for the purpose of providing money for the acquisition, construction and/or maintenance of a building used as a School.

Donations can be made directly into the following bank account:

Tiwi College School Building Fund (DGR)
Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB 035-302
A/c 365814

A tax deductible receipt will be issued to the donator.

For any further information please contact:
Mr. Anthony Parker
Business Manager TEB
08 89412390

Mr. Ian Smith
Principal Tiwi College
08 89709024 (ext 403)

Upcoming events

Check back later in the school year for upcoming events.



From the Principal

Welcome to Tiwi College, Pickataramoor. We have a very unique community at Tiwi College. We call it "Peaceful Picka". For the young Tiwi in our care, we are their Family Away From Family.

Pickataramoor is located on the south eastern aspect of Melville Island. Every school week students from the 3 major communities of the Tiwi Islands, namely, Wurrumiyanga, Pirlangimpi and Milikapiti are brought in for their schooling. The closest community is 45 minutes away, during the dry season – much longer in the wet!

We have an outstanding attendance rate and excellent retention rate, giving testimony to the type of schooling and caring environment we offer.

Our school is relatively young, with humble beginnings in 2008. Yet we have quickly developed and offer a rich and diverse range of experiences for our students. Tiwi College is based on the foundations of a "Tiwi Strengths" based approach to schooling. Over the next three years the young Tiwi will be able to shine through Sport, Art, Music, Dance and Tiwi Culture and in doing so help them to reinforce and be proud of their identity.

We pride ourselves on our ability to care for the well-being of our students. We have eight Tiwi staff, representing all of the 4 skin groups of the Tiwi. We have our own resident counsellour as well as a counselling service that flies specialists into our school on a fortnightly basis.

Tiwi College has a strong focus on improving literacy and numeracy rates. We have outstanding support from Tiwi Owned Corporations that assist us with our VET program and provides senior students with the opportunity to be involved in a variety of work experience.

Our ultimate aim is to develop a respected young adult, with the skills to acquire a steady job and be a loving and caring parent.

Ian Smith, Principal


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