Staff residing at Tiwi College have 3 main styles of accommodation afforded to them. As Tiwi College is such a young school, our buildings are in great condition and well maintained.


The Duplex accommodation is a building with living areas side by side, under the one roof and a dividing wall in the middle. They have a large kitchen and dining area and a separate living area. The bathroom is almost an ensuite, located close to one of the 2 bedrooms. Each bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe. Each house has a laundry housed under the verandah, with washing machine and dryer.


The college has 4 cabins relatively close to one another, located at our Hospitality area. They are suited to single people and at times a couple. They have an open plan kitchen, dining and living space. There are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. There is a small verandah on each.


The college now has 3 new staff cabins which are larger than our regular cabins and more suited to couples. Two were built in 2014 and one in 2015. We are planning on building 3 more in the near future all thanks to federal funding. They have an open plan kitchen, dining and living space. Each cabin contains two bedrooms and a comfortable bathroom and laundry facilities. They all have veranda’s located at the front and rear.

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