The Hayden-Reynolds Garden Project

The Hayden-Reynolds Garden Project is now in its 6th year of partnership with the Tiwi College. The garden has become a great metaphor for our relationship. It is healthy, thriving and diverse.

Some 32 crops rotate through the irrigated farm. The dam teems with birdlife and is stocked with barramundi. Chicken and ducks provide daily eggs for the kids. The garden’s pet buffalo Tuyu is a regular source of interest for the students.

The garden is affectionately known as the heart of "Peaceful Pika". It is a place for all the College community to relax and enjoy.

Beyond that, the Hayden Reynolds group’s great inspiration is to add value to an already magnificent facility, offering children the opportunity to gain garden apprenticeships, meet positive role models, and experience new career offerings previously unavailable to our young Tiwi students.

The Hayden-Reynold’s team have attracted large sponsorship deals from The Macquarie Group Foundation and KPMG because corporate Australia values the positive impact the College and it’s garden are having on the quality of life for so many of our community.

The presence of Foreman Jason Ryan, and Head gardener Filipe Soqali, assures us the product we offer to the students is of the highest quality.

The alliance between the College, The Tiwi Education Board, The Tiwi Land Council and the Hayden-Reynolds Garden Project is a source of enormous pride and a spirit of cooperation.

The Hayden-Reynolds Garden project will be a strong, long term commitment to Tiwi College.

It has become an important part of so many good people’s lives.

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