The Tiwi College library was officially opened on the 3 of May 2012. Since then the library has flourished, and students have enjoyed visiting weekly to read books with the class. The funding for the library was provided by the Australian Federal Government's BGA Funding and our books have been generously donated by numerous people and organizations.


There are many facilities currently available in the library including:

  • Two classrooms
  • A class set of laptops
  • An interactive whiteboard
  • Easy to use borrowing system
  • A computer designed to engage students with the solar power use in our community
  • A counseling office
  • A reading resource room
  • Library wide WiFi


Every morning as part of a whole school ability based reading program, reading groups make use of the library facilities. As well as this every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon there are classes scheduled in the library. The Primary school students have enjoyed coming to the library to read and borrow books to take back to class and the middle school boys have been enjoying using the computers along with the information on the Solar Panels to gauge the use of power in our school.


We currently have over 1,500 books in our library and are adding to this every day. We currently have many picture books but our students are developing skills that require more challenging books and are therefore building up the Junior and Young Adult fiction section of the library.

Borrowing System

The library uses the bookmark system to keep track of which books we have and who has them out on loan. This program has been developed in Australia and is used across the country and the world. It is a very simple system to use and allows students to loan and return their books with minimal assistance. We have found that borrowing books is assisting in teaching students responsibility.

Reading Program

Recently a school wide reading program has been implemented which involves all students from the school reading for 25-30 minutes each morning to start the day. Previously this would not have been possible as there was not enough space for the books or the groups. The program aims to stream students into their reading level, allowing them to develop skills they may be missing. Already we have seen an improvement in students reading from this program. One of our students has improved their reading by four levels in three weeks! As well as some groups making use of the library we have a newly stocked reading resource room which houses the books used for the reading program, specially selected to cater to our students ages and reading levels.


Thanks to the following people/organizations for their donations to the library.

  • Andy Griffiths
  • Indigenous literacy foundation
  • "Books in Homes" organisation
  • Scotch College
  • Macquarie Group Foundation
  • The many visitors to Tiwi College

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