SEDA sees education as an essential component of an equitable world. SEDA has built education programs to improve inclusion, to address disadvantage and to cater for students with a preference for a hands-on learning environment.

The programs are built on applied, skill-based curriculum models and are delivered in industry, in the community and in the real world – not in classrooms. SEDA uses the real world, real projects and real experiences as the classroom.

Different students have different learning styles and not all students excel in the same educational environment. SEDA’s approach to education is captured in one simple but powerful statement: To Engage, Educate and Empower young people.

The Tiwi College Project

The SEDA Sport and Health Promotion Program – Tiwi Pilot is a joint initiative between SEDA, Tiwi College and the Tiwi Education Board providing an opportunity for Tiwi senior boys to complete their senior secondary education within the sport and community industry.

The students are employed one day a week as trainees and work towards an integrated senior school program. The outcomes include completion of senior secondary NTCET units and a school based traineeship in Sport and Recreation through Charles Darwin University.

Employment activities for trainees comprise of the delivery of health promotion and recreation activities within the local Tiwi communities to schools and community based programs. The community based projects provide trainees with real life experiences, paid employment and promote students as local role models for the younger Tiwi Island children to model themselves on. Student work days are supervised by Tiwi College staff and supported by SEDA’s sporting partners.

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