The Smith Family

The Smith Family believes that education has the power to transform lives, not just minds. The national charity helps young people in need to fully participate in their education so they can create better futures for themselves.

The Smith Family’s Involvement with Tiwi College

In 2008 and 2009, The Smith Family funded scholarships for senior students enrolled at Tiwi College. During 2010, the relationship between Tiwi College, the Tiwi Education Board and The Smith Family strengthened. Discussions continued around the support The Smith Family might provide for young women enrolled at the school.

By the end of 2010 The Smith Family, (through the School, Business, Community Partnership Broker Program funded by DEEWR) had formalised a partnership with Tiwi College to support the education and development needs of young women enrolled at the college.

This partnership “Growing Young Women” was signed off in November 2010 and has a vision to ensure:

Young women enrolled in Tiwi College are inspired and supported to achieve their potential.

Early in 2011, the College established a Girls’ Room. This provides a dedicated space for Young Women to be supported through their education journey. At the beginning of 2012, a Girls’ Coach was appointed to provide support for the girls on a daily basis whilst they are at school.

Junior girls undertook their first cultural exchange – to Tintern College in Victoria in August 2011 supported by Tiwi College, Tiwi Education Board and Smith Family staff. It is planned that these visits will be regular and ongoing and will provide a breadth of experiences for these young women that are not available in their home communities.

Senior girls began experiential mentoring trips to Darwin, in May and October 2012. These trips have a twofold purpose:

  • To focus on careers the girls are interested in exploring as they undertake their week long work experience placements in Darwin
  • To focus on personal development of the girls by developing confidence, resilience and independence.

This partnership continues to grow and develop to better support the young women enrolled at Tiwi College. By facilitating a strong partnership focused on the delivery of a range of programs and services to support the girls to achieve improved outcomes in their education, The Smith Family plays a very active role in the life of Tiwi College.

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