Tiwi Academy

Our Tiwi Academy is an integrated holistic program, using sport as an engagement strategy for the young athletic Tiwi to improve attendance rates, leadership qualities, self discipline and emotional well-being.

We have a dedicated boys and girls Tiwi Academy program. Students have trainings twice a week, primarily in AFL football. The school offers outstanding sporting opportunites for the students in the areas of football, basketball and athletics.

The program has a Female Tiwi Academy Coordinator and a Male Tiwi Academy Coordinator, each with Tiwi Assistants.

The Academy Coordinators monitor student behaviours, attitude and attendance in each area of their school life ie the Academic School, the Family Group Home boarding environment and the Academy training program. From this a long term behaviour counselling and management strategy is developed with semester based incentive trips organised for those students who display an excellent engagement with the culture of the school.

The sporting feats of the students of Tiwi College have been remarkable over the short history of the school, however parallel to this and for a large part, because of the Tiwi Academy program, the attendance rates and behaviour of the students have improved at a rate and level that is equally as remarkable.

The Tiwi people are outstanding athletes. With this Tiwi Academy program in place, the young Tiwi of Tiwi College are also becoming outstanding role models both on and off the sporting field.

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