Tiwi Boys Academy

The Boys Academy program has evolved from initial partnerships with the Clontarf Academy and then AFLNT. We now have full ownership of our own Tiwi Boys Academy, run by Shane and Tammy Tipuamantamirri.

The program acts as an engaging set of activities and learning opportunities to value add to the education of the young men in our care.

The young men have access to a clubroom which is a centre for the boys to go during any break time during the day to relax, play recreational activities and simply be together.

After school, our Boys Academy Coordinator is responsible for structured sporting sessions, primarily in AFL football, two times a week. The boys are able to participate in sporting carnivals, with much success already achieved, especially in the area of AFL.

The young Tiwi men have access to excursions that reward high attendance patterns and excellent behaviour. These are our semester based Incentive Trips.

Through a well structured incentive based points system, called our “Traffic Lights Program” the boys are able to work towards a series of rewards. This again is based upon attendance at training sessions, overall attendance, along with positive attitudes and behaviours displayed in class, the Family Group Home and during homework.

The Tiwi Boys Academy program is an initiative we are very proud of.

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