Tiwi Land Council

The Tiwi Land Council is a proud 'Friend of the Tiwi College'. Our Tiwi Leaders, after many years of frustration in the Tiwi Education System decided that it was time to establish our own Tiwi Educational Centre of Excellence on the serene site of the old Forestry headquarters, Pickataramoor.

The TLC facilitated the development and ongoing operations of the College through the wishes and wisdom of our Land Owners and after only five years since its establishment can see the vision of our leaders, past and present, taking shape.

The Tiwi College is fully supported by our landowners both financially and in spirit as we see the College as the best way to prepare our future leaders for the Tiwi workforce in the many Tiwi Owned corporations that are becoming increasingly reliant on our own people to work in our businesses and provide themselves and their families a rewarding life and future.



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