Vocational Education & Training

Our mission statement clearly states the importance of Vocational Education as a means of preparing students to enter the workforce, for happy and prosperous lives into the future.

Our aim during school & boarding hours is to equip students with the necessary skills to be work ready.

The Tiwi College approach is a holistic one – we are to develop young Tiwi to have the qualities to adapt to the rigours required of a performance driven workforce necessary in a market based economy. Home management, routine chores and interpersonal skills are valued equally as attendance rates and improvement in literacy levels.

At Tiwi College, our primary key performance indicator is a graduating student who is a good person; a loyal & committed worker and a loving parent of a future family.

At present, Tiwi industry demands a Tiwi workforce for Forestry, the Port, Land and Coastal Zone Management including Conservation Reserve Management, Hospitality and Adventure Tourism areas. At Tiwi College, this is our focus for 90% of our students. Members of the Tiwi Land Council believe that within five years, every Tiwi who wants a real job will be able to obtain one on the Tiwi Islands.

We currently work with RTO's to deliver VET Certificates relevant to Tiwi Industries and opportunities on the mainland.

Our timetable is structured so that we also provide on-site work experience for senior students. We dedicate a term each year for senior students to rotate through Tiwi Owned Corporations of their choice. We monitor their progress and help them develop a plan leading to a successful career pathway. Via the Smith Family, Senior Girls have the opportunity to participate in week long work experience blocks in Darwin in a job of their choice.

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