Vision & Mission

The print, Terra Aequilibrium is used as a guide for the culture of Tiwi College. The ochre markings represent Indigenous country, the blue – non-Indigenous country. Both come together in the middle – a path used by both cultures moving into the future, in the spirit of parity and equality. This guides the Tiwi College approach at all levels. Tiwi and non-Tiwi work with one another, with respect shown to all cultures. We are here to learn from one another in order to move forward to a future of mutual trust and understanding; where "both worlds" are recognised and respected.


"With leadership & guidance from Tiwi; our College community uses a holistic approach to develop key knowledge and skills required for vocational choices and happy, rewarding and healthy lives."


The cornerstone of the culture of our college comprises the following values:

  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Mercy
  • Respect


Via a holistic approach we aspire to:

  • Improve literacy and numeracy levels to ensure students have choices in future vocations.
  • Provide vocational education and training that streams directly into Tiwi and international industry.
  • Provide a flexible and diverse curriculum that promotes the strengths of the Tiwi whilst encouraging rich exploration of new concepts.
  • Improve student attendance rate to a level of sustained excellence.
  • Assist students reach their long term goals and provide hope for the future through an intimate well-being program.
  • Provide health care services to improve physical and emotional health.
  • Improve the skills, habits and knowledge required for sustainable, environmentally friendly living.
  • Reinforce the synergies between Tiwi Spirituality and the Catholic Faith.

Family Group Homes

Via a holistic approach we aspire to:

  • Provide a safe and mutually respectful environment
  • Develop daily and weekly routines that provide clarity of purpose and security
  • Improve the knowledge and skills required in home management in order to facilitate independent living
  • Improve knowledge and skills required to plan and prepare meals in a range of situations
  • Provide strategies for personal health care choices
  • Improve understanding of the methodology and consequences of basic household budgeting

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